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Contradictions Qur'an 16-114

Qur’an 35:40 - Does Allah forgive you when you worship false gods (shirk)?

Qur’an 88:6 - What is the food in hell?

Qur´an 53:2 - Is Muhammad perfect or not?

Qur’an 56:7 - Mankind divided into two or three groups?

Qur’an 38:41 - Origin of evil: Satan, people or Allah?

Qur’an 54:19 - In how many days the people of Aad were destroyed by Allah?

Qur’an 37:145 - Jonah (Yunus) cast on the desert shore or not?

Qur’an 82:10 - Angels are protectors or not?

Qur’an 65:4 - Is it possible for very young girls to be married or not?

Qur’an 26:59 - Does the Qur’an say that Egypt or Syria was given to the Children of Israel?

Qur´an 53:11 - Is Allah visible or not?

Qur’an 28:38 - Egyptians worshiped only Pharaoh?

Qur’an 39:73 - One or more gardens in Paradise?

Qur’an 29:8 - Do kids need to be kind to their parents?

Qur’an 29:27 - Did Allah send any messenger to the Arabs before Muhammad?

Qur’an 40:25 - Killing of babies before or after the birth of Moses?

Qur’an 76:21 - Will the believers wear silver or gold?

Qur’an 37:27 - Any question after the Day of Judgment?

Qur’an 29:29 - The people of Lot wanted punishment or not?

Qur’an 18:50 - Iblees: a Jinn or not?

Qur’an 38:75 - Adam created by Allah’s hands or not?

Qur’an 39:62 - Does Allah create all things or not?

Qur’an 45:14 - To forgive unbelievers or not?

Qur’an 60:10 - Allowed to marry a Christian woman or not?

Qur’an 65:4 - Girl younger than a teenager may marry or not?

Qur’an 78:23 - Unbelievers only a limited time in hell?

Qur’an 88:12 - Only one river in Paradise or not?

Qur’an 34:50 - Is it possible that Muhammad was wrong?

Qur’an 29:12 - To follow Muhammad or not?

Qur’an 58:22 - To believe in God and to reject Muhammad?

Qur’an 21:30 - Creation from one part or not?

Qur’an 101:3 - Non-Muslims believed in Allah as Highest God or not?

Qur’an 34:23 - Intercession on the Day of Judgment or not?

Qur’an 84:10 - How do we get informed on Day of Judgment?

Qur’an 26:170-171 - Wife of Lot saved or not?

Qur’an 54:9 - Was Noah forced to leave or not?

Qur’an 20:40 - Pharaoh’s command when Moses was a prophet or not?

Qur’an 44:3 - Life is determined in periods or not?

Qur’an 51:56 - Jinns made to worship Allah or not?

Qur’an 19:71 - Will all Muslims go to hell or not?

Qur’an 21:98 - Will Jesus go to hell or not?

Qur’an 38:71 - Is Jesus God or not?

Qur’an 20:85 - Samaritans in Moses’ time?

Qur’an 19:21 - Can there be a son without a partner?

Qur’an 39:4 - Is it possible that Allah has a Son?

Qur’an 24:2 - Beating women for adultery, staying in the house or doing nothing?

Qur’an 19:10 - Did Allah command Zachariya for three nights or not?

Qur’an 16:93 - People deceived by Allah or not?

Qur´an 20:120 - Did Satan tempt Adam or Eve?

Qur’an 21:76 - Was Noah’s son saved?

Qur’an 25:7 - Did all messengers eat ordinary food?

Qur’an 16:103 - Is the Qur’an in pure and clear Arabic or not?

Qur’an 19:10 - Did Zachariah not speak for 3 nights or not?

Qur’an 19:17 - One or more angels with Mary?

Qur’an 19:53 - Was Aaron prophet or assistant of Moses?

Qur’an 19:80 - Is Allah the owner of all things?

Qur’an 21:81 - Did Solomon control violent or soft wind?

Qur’an 21:98 - Will all unbelievers go to hell or not?

Qur’an 22:47 - Does one day of Allah equals 1000 or 50000 years?

Qur’an 23:15 - Does every man have to die?

Qur’an 20:52 - Life is predetermined or not?

Qur’an 18:50 - Satan: angel or jinn?

Qur’an 18:50 - Forbidden to say “three” or not?

Qur’an 24:2 - Punishment for adultery or not?

Qur’an 19:28 - Mary the mother of Jesus and sister of Aaron?

Qur’an 24:5 - Forgiveness of irritation of pure women or not?

Qur'an 29:27 - Prophets from Abraham’s seed or not?

Qur'an 22:75 - Messengers as jinns and angels?

Qur'an 27:82 - A beast as messenger from Allah?

Qur'an 33:40 - Was Muhammad only a warner?

Qur'an 53:46 - Determination of sex at the fertilization or not?

Qur'an 57:21 - Is the width of the Garden all heavens?

Qur'an 20:117 - Does Satan mislead people or not?

Qur’an 17:98 - Body to Paradise or not?

Qur’an 21:34 - Did all humans passed away?

Qur'an: 29:13 - Can someone bear your sins?

Qur’an 66:12 - Was the conception of Jesus through an angel?