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Ramadan fasting good or bad?

Muslims are fasting during the month of Ramadan. During daylight Muslims don’t use food or drinking. However outside daylight, in the morning and evening they eat and drink much. They also stop with sex, oral medications, and smoking.

Fasting is good to get rid of fat and other bad substances in the body. Islam adopted fasting from the Christians and Jews, who have more open guidelines for fasting. However, Ramadan has a different approach in fasting. The long period of fasting during one month decreases the concentration of insulin. It is a trigger to get diabetes. We see in Arabic-speaking Muslim countries the highest population of diabetes. Also migraines are three times more common during Ramadan and many Muslims are suffering. During the month of Ramadan, fluctuations in the weight of the body occurs, because of metabolic changes.

Therefore, Ramadan stimulates diabetes and an unhealty life. It will be better for a Muslim to follow the original fasting practices of the Bible. Jews and Christians have proved that it had no bad impact on their body. The Creator of heaven and aerth mad the human body in such a way the Biblical guidelines are better for the body than the Islamic guidelines.


Are the food laws in Islam good for the body? Does Ramadan create radical Muslim terrorists?

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