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Was Kristin Szremski a reborn Christian before she became a Muslim?

Kristin Szremski (born 1961) is an American woman from parents who where a member of a Lutheran church. This church believes that the Bible is literally and that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God. She married a Roman Catholic man and became also member of the Catholic Church. This church is more focused on rituals than on the truth of the Bible, so she started to doubt Christian values in the Bible. She had a job as a reporter in Chicago in 2000 to write articles about the Arab community. During her interviews with many Muslims she learned many similarities between the Christian religion she knew and Islam. Within 2 years she made the decision to become a Muslim. Till 2017 she was the National Director of Media and Communications for the American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) organization. Was Kristin a true Christian before she became a Muslim?

1. She had no faith in the truth of the Bible

When she was a member of the Lutheran Church she believed in some Biblical truths: “I didn’t know anything about Islam - I was raised as a Missouri-Synod Lutheran and we had been taught that all religions and prophets that came after Jesus were false” [1]. However, during her time in the Roman Catholic Church, she started to look at earthly things in religion such as the comfort of being a member of a large community. Unfortunately her last connections to the eternal truth of God in the Bible were destroyed. She had lost faith in the truth of the Bible.

2. She never had certainty about going to heaven

Kristin had no personal relation with God in Jesus Christ: “But when I was a Protestant and later a Catholic, God seemed angry and retributive to me; remote” [2]. Her awareness of God is limited and she explains she never had a revelation of the Living God if heaven and earth. The Muslims she met during her job as reporter in Chicago were immigrants with strong faith in Islam, because they came from a territory where Islam dominates and people are forced to accept Islamic teachings. Because she was not born again, she became an easy listener to the message of another religion. The hope comes from the fact that she is aware something went from in her life “I am not living it perfectly” [3]. This is an opening to find certainty about going to heaven.

3. Conclusion

Kristin was never a reborn Christian. She did not believe in the forgiveness of Jesus Christ and was never certain about going to heaven. By becoming a Muslim she only confirmed her desire to belong to a large community and faith in a higher power. She got what she wanted as director and part of large Muslim community. Kristin is still alive. Her soul is waiting to be called by God’s grace to the truth of life. Jesus Christ is the truth. It is still possible she will accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross for the forgiveness of her sins. May God bless her and save her soul.


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