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Which Muslim terrorists converted to Jesus Christ?

1. ISIS terrorists convert to Christianity

ISIS or Islamic State (IS) a terrorist organization with a reputation to shock mankind with barbarianism. ISIS is well know for terror and brutal mass execution. Their motivation for their actions comes from the Qur’an, the life of Muhammad and the history of Islam.

a. Khalil

Khalil was a scholar on a terrorist training camp in the desert to overthrow the Egyptian government to establish the Islamic State (IS). He wanted to die for the sake of the message of Islam (Qur’an 4:74). Khalil hated Christians and received the command to refute them by a research. He studied the Bible and found some contradictions in the Old Testament, but it was no help because the Qur’an is full of similar differences. Khalil also concluded that there was no prophecy about Muhammad or Islam and couldn’t prove the Bible has been changed. Since the Bible and the Qur’an cannot be both true, he had to choose between on of them. Khalil reported to his manager that the Bible is the truth, not the Qur’an and that even the Qur’an confirms that Jesus Christ is God. His commander tried to punish him, but his family rescued him. He asked God to show the truth. Khalil lost his Bible on the street, but in a dream a man revealed him that it was in his house and he found his Bible. Khalil was changed by the love of Jesus Christ. People saw that he was changed from a murderer and church destroyer to a man with love and peace in his heart.

b. Jihadist went to Christian missionary

Muhammad, a Muslim terrorist from Islamic State (IS) wanted to kill a Christian missionary. At the moment he wanted to kill, a voice came to his heart for repentance. He received a dream in which Jesus asked him to follow him and to be discipled. He felt sick and uneasy about what he was doing. He told his experiences to a friend. He went back again to the missionary and finally accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and was baptized [1].

2. Conversion from Hamas to Christianity

Hamas is a fundamentalist organization according to Sunni Islam in the Palestinian Territories. Primary target of their military actions is the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

a. Mosab Hassan Yousef

Mosab Hassan Yousef was born in 1978. He grew up in Ramallah, Palestinian Territories. His father was Sheikh and a leader and founder of Hamas. As many Palestinian boys, Mosab became a fighter against Israel. During the First Palestinian Intifada he threw rocks to Israeli citizens [2]. The result of his behavior was that he went to jail in Israel [3]. In Israeli jail, he noticed that Hamas leaders tortured other Hamas members. It turned him off from his terrorist organization. He realized that the violence between Israel and the Palestinians is an ideological conflict between the god of the Koran and the god of the Bible. Then he discovered the principle in the Gospel “to love your enemies”. He converted to faith in Jesus Christ and became aware that the enemy, who he thought that they were his enemies, had had more morality than the Palestinian people. In 2005 Mosab was baptized in the Mediterranean Sea. He provided information about Palestinian terrorists to the Israeli government, but did not want to kill terrorists: "I cannot kill them, first, as a Christian, second, as a Palestinian, those are my people, and those people don't understand what they're doing".

3. Conversion from Hezbollah to Christianity

Hezbollah is a political and military organization in Lebanon according to Shia Islam. The group has strong connections with Iran, the corner stone of Shia Islam.

a. Afshin Javid

Afshin Javid was born in 1972. He was educated in Abadan, Iran under radical Shia Islam before the return of ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. He joined the terrorist organization Hezbollah and was prepared to die for Islam. To bring Islam to the United States, Afshin tried to immigrate, but was arrested with false documents in Malaysia. In prison he receive a dream in which he heard a voice: “I forgive you.” The voice said that he was Jesus Christ, the Living God. Afshin ‘s life was changed. Then he made the step to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Today, Afshin is an evangelist and pastor in Canada.

4. PLO Muslim terrorists convert to Christianity

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) is an organization with the goal to establish a Palestinian state in Israel with military power.

a. Zachariah Anani

He was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Zachariah joined many terrorist groups at young age. When he was only 14 years old he already had killed someone and when he was 17 the number of killed people was not less than 223. His primary target were Jews, but he killed also many other non-Muslims. Anani met an evangelist who told about Jesus Christ as Savior. Zachariah accepted Jesus Christ and left Islam. Muslims tried to kill him, but he continued as a Christian. He went to Canada in 1996 and became an evangelist.

5. Conversion from other Muslim terrorist groups to Christianity

a. Tofik

Tofik was born in as a Muslim in Kenya. When he was young, the Muslims educated him to hate Christians and their churches. Tofik joined a Muslim terror group who went to a town to attack Christians and their church. It became a regular practice for the terrorists to attack a new church, including the believers. He received an iman training in Saudi Arabia and returned to Africa as a senior iman. In his new role, he made plans to build 16 mosques. Tofik told people that preaching Jesus Christ as Savior should be forbidden. However, in 2002 he worked together with Christians on a tree-planting project. In that year he had a vision about Jesus: “I saw Jesus very clearly telling me to follow him”. He slept again and received another dream in which Jesus said: “There will be persecution in your life, but in the end you will be victorious. I am with you”. The dream became reality. Tofik accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and went to church. His family refused to go with him, but the continued. The Muslims destroyed his house and robbered his property. But Tolik’s faith in Jesus Christ became even stronger and he planted a new church. Then he was persecuted again by Muslims, who almost killed him, but he survived [4].

6. Conclusion

Today it is still possible that terrorists convert to Jesus Christ, like Saul in the New Testament (Acts 9:3–9). Not Christian mission, but supernatural power paves the way to make a life changing decision for Muslim terrorists. For a Muslim terrorist there is much to win by accepting Jesus Christ as Savior. Muslim converts to Christianity evidently found something in Christianity that they felt was lacking in Islam. As a Muslim convert to Christianity described: “Islam is death, Christianity is life” [5].


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