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Was Michael Jackson a Muslim?

Michael Jackson was raised as a Jehovah's Witness. Some Muslims have launched the propaganda that Michael Jackson was a Muslim.

1. Source of the Gossip has a bad reputation

The source of the gossip that Michael Jackson had converted to Islam was the British sensation magazine ‘The Sun’. This magazine doesn’t have a solid reputation. The Sun was heavily criticised and even made ridiculous for its reports of the Falklands War in 1982. The Sun earned a bad reputation for publishing sensational stories without a solid fundament. Important target of the false rumours were popstars, like Elton John [1]. The Sun lost the court case with Elton John. The magazine had to pay more than 1.4 million dollar and they had to publish on its main page a rectification for the lies [2]. In line with the false reports is the story that Michael Jackson became a Muslim in 2008.

2. The story of the conversion is not trustworthy

The Sun published a story about a conversion of Michael Jackson with the statements that he changed his name to Mikaeel. But there is not a single evidence of this name in history for the popsinger. It is also suspisious that the Sun mentioned “swearing dedication to the Qur'an”. It is not part of an introduction ceremony of a new Muslim, but refers to Western practices. Because the Sun could not provide source for the article, there are reason to believe that the story of the conversion cannot be traced to real life. Michael Jackson never admitted that he became a Muslim.

3. Copies to other newspapers and Muslim propaganda

Several other newspapers took over the article of The Sun, including United Press International [3]. Later Muslims tried to provide false evidence by publishing false Youtube films. His family never said that Michael Jackson had converted to Islam. When his Muslim brother Jermaine Jackson said after his death: "May Allah be with you Michael, always.", was it a statement as a Muslim and not evidence that Michael Jackson was a Muslim. Jermaine said Michael Jackson had not converted to Islam. He only said that Michael Jackson would still be alive if he had converted to Islam [4]. Michael Jackson’s brother Marlon was asked in Nigeria about the rumours that Michael had become a Muslim. He denied that Michael Jackson had converted to Islam, the report of the interview says, “all he knew was that his brother was a Christian until he died” [5].

4. Christian funeral of Michael Jackson

On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson died. His public memorial service and tribute wasn’t the Islam way, but the Christian way [6]. The funeral of Michael Jackson was with a Christian church service and the interior was of a Christian church. In the service was a Gospel choir singing ‘Soon and Very Soon’ [7] at the moment the box with Michael Jackson entered the public. The song was followed by ‘You will see the King’. There was also a speech with Pastor Lucious Smith. Later Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz then sang ‘I'll Be There’, including the text ‘I must bring salvation back. Where there is love I ‘ll be there’. A Christian statement [8] . Therefore it was a Christian funeral. Michael Jackson was not a Muslim.


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