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Do Muslims have revelations of Jesus Christ as Savior?

a. Muslim Afshin Javid saw Jesus

- Muslim in Iran
Afshin Javid was born in 1972 in Abadan, Iran. He grew up as a devout Shiite Muslim in the years before the Iranian revolution. His grandfather taught him all the things about Islam. Later he joined the Hezbollah and he decided to die for Islam. His grandfather told him he should bring Islam to North America. He did an attempt to enter the United States, but was arrested with false immigration documents and passports in Malaysia. He went to prison and started reading the Qur’an, praying and fasting. As a spiritual Hezbollah leader, he also was teaching others about Islam.

- Forgiven
A spirit came to him and he screamed as a Muslim: “Lord, help me!” But he heard a voice: “in the name of the Lord Jesus.” Afshin asked for forgiveness. The voice said: “I forgive you.” Afshin asked: “Who are you?” He said: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Again Afshin asked: “What is your name?”. He replied, “Jesus Christ, the Living God.” His body was shaken in a very heavy way and he was weeping before the Lord.

- Witness for Jesus Christ
His life was totally transformed. He saw every single person’s sins and every wrong thing they had done in their life and that overwhelmed him: “And so I cried, “Lord, I live among all these sinners, you know?” And he said, “Afshin how easy did I forgive you? How easy was it?” And I said, “Lord, very easy. In Farsi we say as easy as drinking water.” And I said, “No, no, no, no! I mean easier than that.” And he said, “I can forgive them as easy as I have forgiven you. So who is going to tell them?” And I just, not even waiting a second, I just said, “Lord, I will! I will!” And he says, “Go. Tell them. I will go with you. I will be with you.” He immediately started to witness about Jesus Christ as the Savior of mankind in the mosque. Afshin still has the love and peace of Jesus Christ in his heart and his forgiveness. After he had accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior, he became a missionary in Bangladesh and now he has a Christian ministry in Canada. Afshin married. He and his wife have 4 children [1] [2].

b. Muslim Al-’Uris received a revelation about the crucifixion

- Historical person
An interesting story where Jesus appears in a dream and tells that the crucifixion is true. Al-’Uris is a historical person. The source of his story is an important document of the Ayyubids and of their wars against the crusaders:

- Dream
"Al-’Uris saw in his sleep Christ Jesus Son of Mary, who seemed to turn his face toward him from heaven. Al-’Uris asked him, ’Did the crucifixion really happen?’ Jesus said, ’Yes, the crucifixion really happened.’ Al-’Uris then related his dream to an interpreter, who said, ’The man who saw this dream shall be crucified. For Jesus is infallible and can speak only the truth, yet the crucifixion he spoke of cannot refer to his own, because the Glorious Qur’an specifically states that Jesus was not crucified or killed. Accordingly, this must refer to the dreamer, and it is he who shall be crucified.’ The matter turned out as the interpreter said. [3]

- Witness for Jesus Christ
By telling his dream to another Muslim how the crucifixion happened, Al-Uris was crucified. Precise Qur’an study shows that that the crucifixion of Jesus is filled with mystery, see related questions. Al-Uris had faith in Jesus Christ to tell the Muslim the truth about the crucifixion. God always rewards witnesses of the truth (Revelation 12:11).

c. Former Muslim woman Fatuma Shubisa raised from the dead

- Health problems
Fatuma grew up as a Muslim in Ethiopia but had converted to Christian faith. She tells how her health problems started: "For two months, I was very, very seriously sick." Her mother came to help her, but Fatuma died: "She came and touched my face. I was cold. My eyes were open. She closed my eyes and straightened my legs. My mother cried when she found out that I was dead. Because of that, everybody came and started crying."

- Heaven
But Fatuma felt herself being drawn to heaven: "I was very happy, and I was going with a very merry heart”. Fatuma recognized her husband’s brother, who had died two years earlier: “He came and took my hands, and he took me away. I felt like the earth was like an open ditch, but I had gone up very, very high. When I crossed and went away from the valley, I reached a place where everybody was dressed in gold. I looked at the earth as very dirty, but where I was was very free and clean.” Meanwhile at her home, her relatives and other people (most of them were Muslims) were crying very much. But there were also some Christians, and they were praying. Then the missionary Warsa Buta came. Warsa had received a revelation that he will raise the dead through the power of Jesus Christ. Fatuma tells: "When he was passing by the way, he heard that somebody had died. So he came and started praying. The non-Christians came, and they were asking: ’Why is this Pentecostal man praying over a dead body?’”

- Raised from the dead
Fatuma had been dead 12 hours and was still in the other world: "My mother-in-law was dead, and she was there in that place. She was begging them to send me back so that I can raise my children. Those people who were in gold said, ’She is quite young, so send her back. Send her back.’” At that moment Warsa prayed: "Fatuma, be raised. I ask you in the name of the Lord. Come to life. Fatuma, rise in the name of Jesus” Then people saw that she sat up in the bed. Fatuma tells, "Then immediately I found myself in my body. I sat up in my bed and started asking, ’What is this? What’s happening? What’s going on?’

- Witness for Jesus Christ
Then everybody was surprised. Some were commenting, ’A Pentecostal man can call back a dead soul to a body? If this is real, then we all will become Christians.’ And they were shouting. I was a Christian, and my husband was an evangelist. When I died, I died as a Christian. These people called Warsa, and they started commenting, ’Your God is a very powerful God. Now make us believe.’ I came back, because it was the will of God for me to live with my children. But I would be very happy to go back there. Now I have seen when a Christian dies, he goes to a better place, and his body goes back to dust. For a non-believer that is a place of sadness, but when a Christian dies, he goes to a separate place where everything is good, where everything is very, very happy." [4]


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