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Are Christians as violent as Muslims?

Some Muslims are telling that when Christians say that Hitler was not a Christian, it meets their expectations. Just as the Muslims involved in the trade center destruction don’t meet the expectations of Muslims. However, the problem is the foundation to use violence. Is it legal to use violence according to a religion?

Calling people like Hitler "a Christian" cannot be founded in the book of the Christians, the New Testament. To say that Christian practices are at least partly violent, because the Bible has many violent practices is a wrong conclusion. Christians live according to Jesus Christ, who preached non-violence, justice, love and eternal life. The Old Testament, which includes a lot of violent verses is explained in a different way by Jesus Christ, see Matthew 5. Jesus uses in this chapter of the Gospel many times the statement: “you have heard that it was said to those of old”, which means “according to the practices of the Old Testament”. With this he is saying that he as the Messiah changes these laws. As the result of following Jesus, the first Christians were not allowed to serve in fighting and could even not have a job as a butcher. People like Hitler, initiating crime and violence cannot be called a Christian. When a Christian wants to use violence he has no connection to the Gospel or the acts of Jesus Christ.

The Muslims involved in the trade center destruction used the Qur’an for their foundation. It is good to know that the overwhelming majority of Muslims doesn’t accept the acts of trade center destruction. It is also true that the Qur’an can be used as a great instrument for peace guidelines. However, when you want to use violence as a Muslim it is possible to use verses in the Qur’an or the acts of Muhammad as source. This is not possible with the Gospel or the example of Jesus Christ [1].

Conclusion: Christians cannot be as violent as Muslims, because a Christian has no any foundation to use violence, while for a Muslim there is foundation to use violence in the Qur’an.


[1] Hans Küng, Islam, Past, Present & Future, Oneworld Publications, 2009, 602.

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