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Qur’an 13:39 - Is it possible for Allah to replace what he wants?

There are different answers to this question in the Qur’an:

1. Yes, Allah removes and replaces what He wills - Qur’an 13:39
“Allah eliminates what He wills or confirms, and with Him is the Mother of the Book” (Qur’an 13:39).
The verses are telling us that Allah provided the Qur’an for Arabic people.

2. No, nothing is able to change, the words of the Qur’an - Qur’an in 6:34, 6:115
“And none can alter the words of Allah” (Qur’an 6:34).
“None can alter His words” (Qur’an 6:115)

3. Conclusion
The Qur’an has a contradiction about the power of Allah. Some verses say that the Qur’an cannot be changed, while according to another verse, Allah is able to replace.