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Qur’an 2:143 - Is Allah the only witness against mankind?

There are different answers to the question in the Qur’an:

1. Yes, Allah is the only witness - Qur’an 5:109

"[Be warned of] the Day when Allah will assemble the messengers and say, "What was the response you received?" They will say, "We have no knowledge. Indeed, it is You who is Knower of the unseen"" (Qur’an 5:109)

2. No, there are other witnesses than Allah alone - Qur’an 2:143

"And thus we have made you a just community that you will be witnesses over the people and the Messenger will be a witness over you.….." (Qur’an 2:143)

3. Conclusion

One verse is telling us that Allah is the only witness, while another verse says that Allah is not the only witness. There are more testimonies. With two different answers there is a contrast about the same question. Therefore we have a difficulty in the Qur’an.