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Qur’an 8:9 - Muhammad helped by 1000 or 3000 or 5000 angels?

There are different answers to this question in the Qur’an:

1. Muhammad helped by 1000 angels - Qur’an 8:9
“[Remember] when you asked help of your Lord, and He answered you, "Indeed, I will reinforce you with a thousand from the angels, following one another.” (Qur’an 8:9)

2. Muhammad helped by 3000 angels - Qur’an 3:124
“[Remember] when you said to the believers, "Is it not sufficient for you that your Lord should reinforce you with three thousand angels sent down?” (Qur’an 3:124).

3. Muhammad helped by 5000 angels - Qur’an 3:125
“Yes, if you remain patient and conscious of Allah and the enemy come upon you [attacking] in rage, your Lord will reinforce you with five thousand angels having marks [of distinction]” (Qur’an 3:125).

4. Muslim responses
In an attempt to refute the claim about the different number of angels, Muslims say that Qur’an 3:124 and 3:125 it is about the battle of Badr, while Qur’an 8:9 is another battle. However, Muslims cannot prove that Qur’an 8:9 is about another battle. We are not informed which battle Qur’an 8:9 is talking about.

5. Conclusion
There is a difficulty in the Qur’an about the question how many angels helped Muhammad. One verse is telling us it were 1000 angels, another verse 3000 angels and also a verse with 5000 angels. Therefore the verses are a contradiction in the Qur’an.