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Qur´an 6:12 - Are you are responsible for your own life?

There are different answers to the question in the Qur’an:

You are responsible for your own life – Qur´an 6:12

“That He will gather you together for the Day of Judgment, there is no doubt whatever. It is they who have lost their own souls, that will not believe." (Qur´an 6:12 – Yusuf Ali) On the Day of Judgment you have to show responsibility for what you have done.

You are not responsible for your own life – Qur´an 5:40, 10:100, 14:4

“Knowest thou not that to Allah (alone) belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth? He punisheth whom He pleaseth, and He forgiveth whom He pleaseth: and Allah hath power over all things” (Qur’an 5:40). The verses are telling us that Allah is responsible for your deeds, because faith is only possible when Allah wants. “And it is not for a soul to believe except by permission of Allah , and He will place defilement upon those who will not use reason.” (Qur´an 10:100) “and Allah sends astray [thereby] whom He wills and guides whom He wills.” (Qur´an 5:40, 10:100, 14:4) In Qur’an 10:100 and 14:4, Allah refuses to guide part of mankind.


There is a difficulty in the Qur’an about the question of your responsibility. One verse is telling us that you are, while according to other verse you are not responsible, but Allah is responsible. Therefore the verses are a contradiction in the Qur’an.


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