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Qur’an 6:14 - Who was the first believer in the Qur’an?

The Qur’an is telling us in Qur’an 6:14 that Muhammad was the first believer. However in Qur’an 7:143, Moses is the first believer.

a. Qur’an 6:14 – Muhammad is first believer
Some Muslims claim that Qur’an 6:14 talks about “Muslim” and not about “believer”. However the word “Muslim” was never used before Muhammad. Also Sahih International translates with: “the first [among you] who submit [to Allah]”.

b. Qur’an 7:143 – Moses is the first believer
“I am the first of the believers” (Qur’an 7:143 - Sahih International). Since Moses was earlier than Muhammad this verse contradicts with Qur’an 6:14. A believer is a less special category than a Muslim. So, even when Muhammad is the first Muslim according to Qur’an 6:14, we still have a contradiction in the Qur’an.

c. Conclusion
We conclude from Qur´an 7:143 and 6:14 that there is a contradiction in the Qur´an. It is likely that the Qur’an author(s) mixed stories from different Jewish and Christian sources. Final result is a Qur’an with many contradictions.