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Is the Qur'an unchangeable?

The ultimate test for a Muslim is to believe only in the final and infallible message of Allah. Because the Qur’an is for Muslims the only unchangeable book of God, they believe Islam is true. However, Muslims believe not only in the divine book Qur’an, but they also believe in all the divine books of the heaven sent religions, including the Bible. And the Qur’an is supposed to copy the message of the Bible. But because the Bible is older and the first message of the faith of Abraham with Allah, it is assumed to be obsolete. Although one has to follow the Bible, one should follow Qur’an according to the recommendations of Islamic scholars to their most honest intentions.

The Bible is called the Previous Scriptures in the Qur´an as earlier revelations before the Qur´an. The Qur’an says that Jews and Christians were using the same Bible as today. The Bible was not changed in history, see for a review the reference below. The Bible was not changed.

The Bible is the oldest text of the religion of Abraham in history and the message and text were not changed. The Bible forms the foundation of the civilized world, popularly known as Christianity. And Christianity has a foundation as solid as a rock and is the world’s largest religion.

Now the only reason why Muslims should follow Qur’an is that Qur’an is also unchangeable. If that is the case, all mankind should follow the Qur’an as another scripture. Then we all should no longer ask why, but we should follow it blindly because we cannot be more intelligent than Allah. But first the Qur’an has to be tested that it is also unchangeable. If that is not the case, the only way for a Muslim to be a true Muslim under the guidance of Allah, is to follow the Bible because the Bible alone is unchangeable. When there are defects in the Qur’an it means that the Bible alone is the true Holy Scripture. Is the Qur’an unchangeable?

You decide:

1. The Qur’an has errors.

2. The Qur’an has not been perfectly preserved.

3. The Qur’an is a mix of older religions.

4. The Qur’an is not divine.

You can easy verify with an open mind from the facts that Islam is not perfect and that the books of Islam have corruption or have influences from other religions. Better accept Jesus Christ, the Word of God. His message is the only message of Allah that never changes. Jesus said:

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” (Luke 21:33)